Fun Facts About Tesco


Tesco... i'm sure everybody has heard of Tesco, if you haven't i'd be surprised how you've managed to stumble across this site :) Every major city has a Tesco and even many non major cities, also you'll see the little Tesco's dotted around catering for more of a convenient place to get goods as opposed to a main supermarket. Tesco is all due to a gentleman called Jack Cohen, back in 1919 he began selling groceries from a stall in the east of London, five years later the Tesco brand name was born, although i don't imagine he'd anticipate it to become such a big worldwide name as it has done.

So where did the brand name Tesco come from... well that's interesting, you see when Jack Cohen bought some Tea to sell on his stall he bought it from a company called T.E. Stockwell, the three letters spell TES... so where did the CO come from... you guessed it... the first two letters of his name! So that is how Tesco was born. Five years further down the road in 1929 Jack opened the very first Tesco store, over the next 21 years it grew exponentially and soon had over 800 stores. Tesco then used its incredible wealth and power to buy out further smaller coorporations and stores to better its bracnhing out into the world even further. Jack resigned a happy man in 1973 incredibly welathy and not having any direct sons he left the company to his son-in-law called Leslie Porter.

Tesco has branched out even further and now has six different types of stores, each catering for a slightly different niche, they are, in no particular order...
Tesco Extra, Tesco Superstores, Tesco Metro, Tesco Homeplus, Tesco Express and One Stop - Every Little Helps. Also Tesco have branched out into the world of mobile communications and have their own mobile network, as well as home and car insurance.

In 1995 Tesco introduced their home shopping system whereby customers can order food from Tesco over the internet and get it delivered (free if over £50!) directly to their door, this is a great niche for Tesco and people all over take great advantage of it, it remains profitable for Tesco and will continue for a long time yet. Many customers benefit from such as system such as the elderly and frail who find it hard to get to and from Tesco to get their much needed weekly shopping.

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You might be wondering how you can benefit from these Tesco vouchers. Lets say you spend 100 pounds weekly and you have to go back once or twice to buy a few random foods for maybe another 20 pounds. If you drink and spend about 20 pounds there (all being double points, by the way) you will have spent a total of $140 dollars. You would end up with ten pounds more than you spent in the first place in Tesco vouchers.

Lets think about this for a whole entire year with all of your expenses and how much you could end up literally earning. You spend 100 pounds shopping weekly on food, 65 pounds on petrol, 20 pounds on topping up on your food shopping, and 20 pounds on alcohol. Then you need to pay your gas and electric bill which for good measure we'll put as 100 pounds just in case. You also need to top up the credits on your mobile which we'll say is 50 pounds for those who like to talk a lot. We've got to also get you some health and beauty supplies which could round up to about 45 pounds a month. That would be 202 pounds back in your pocket so that you can buy more for your home.

This is hands down the best supermarket rewards system in the world. This helps you for the purchases that you may not be able to make the following month or just things that you would like to spend your money on as a bonus. The best part about all of this is Tesco vouchers last for two years. So, you can even save up money for something special like some sort of trip.

Your Tesco vouchers will double if you get a Tesco credit card. It is always best to look into what kind of deals that they have going on so that you can save the most money. There are many Tesco vouchers deals throughout the year to celebrate holidays or change of seasons. An important tip is to pay attention to the expiration date on the voucher while most of the time they last for up to two years there are some that have shorter life spans.

If there are larger expenses that you have in mind Tesco vouchers can help. Whether you just want to get away for a night or two or buy a beautiful piece of jewelry there is always a way to earn those rewards just by doing what you do naturally - shop!